Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Work Spaces

I find it very important to create a good space when trying to be creative. If the area I'm in is messy or not set up with lots of prettiness in view I feel stifled and find it hard to keep motivated.

I love making stuff, especially sewing, but I tend to give up very quickly if it gets hard. This is why I need lots of nice things around me, to keep me motivated to achieve higher with my endeavours.

The place where I blog from is the desk in my bedroom.


I like my white/noteboard. Truth be told, I never actually write on the whiteboard, so a larger noteboard would have been better. I keep the space on my desk top as clear as possible, so I have the option of doing crafty type things on there, but I mostly just do uni work and computer stuff up here.

Still, it's nice having my tins of pens and pencils (IKEA!) and my coloured pens. Excuse the empty tea bottle, I didn't realise it was there when I took the photo!

When I really want to get down to work on something, especially sewing (because my machine is huge!) I go downstairs and work on the larger table in the den. This is better for my head because there's space for everything to sit on the table and I can grab anything I need without having to get up.

Work Area

I hope everyone else who is creative has this kind of space allotted to them in their house. If not, I'm curious as to how other people work with the space they have.

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