Sunday, November 23, 2008

Starfish Costume

Last night Lachlan and I went to a joint 30th and Engagement Party. The theme was 'Oceanic Fantastic', so most people went as pirates. I had my costume worked out a few weeks ago and had bought all my makeup for my 'Titanic zombie' costume (blue and green eyeshadow all over my face .. it still hasn't all come off!).

Lachlan, being a boy, did not think about his costume until 3pm on the day of the party. We quickly nipped out to the shops and he decided he wanted to be a starfish. Easy enough right?

Lachlan working on the costume.

Very basic design, Lachlan just lay down on the fabric and I drew a star shape around him. At least, that was the idea, but we didn't have quite enough fabric to just double it over, so the back had to be sort of patched together out of a few smaller pieces.

Starfish Costume

The finished product.

We pinned him in at the shoulders so he could get out, and stuffed a pillow down the front to pad him out a bit. He was very cuddly! Just quietly, I think he had the best costume at the party.

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